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Once upon a Time, Emma/Ruby, Biting

Posted on 2012.07.08 at 12:15
Once upon a Time, Emma/Ruby, Biting

“Emma, that feels good…mmm, tickles,” Ruby giggled as Emma lightly grazed her teeth over her shoulder. Ruby was on her hands and knees and Emma kneeled beside her, arms wrapped around her waist and nibbling on all the skin she could reach.

 In an effort to get more contact, Ruby plopped down onto her stomach and rolled over. Her bright, excited eyes were wide and kind as Emma shifted over her and on top. She kept up her kissing and nipping, taking Ruby’s stiff nipple into her mouth like a cherry on top of a sundae.

“I like when you bite like that…turns me on so much,” Ruby held Emma’s head to her breast as Emma sucked and applied a bit more pressure with her teeth. Emma released the nipple with a little pop and grinned wolfishly at Ruby. Her eyebrows rose as if to convey that there is plenty more where that came from. Emma dove back down; dragging her teeth across Ruby’s perfectly toned stomach, letting her tongue flick out to circle her belly button.
Ruby eagerly spread her legs apart and Emma descended teasing and sucking the more delicate skin of her inner thighs, all the while listening to Ruby’s howl-like moans as Emma teased her to the point of frustration.

“Please, Emma, please more,” Ruby panted and Emma nibbled her thigh just once more, before licking a long unbroken trail up her pussy. Ruby flailed and moaned and kicked a bit, and as Emma delved deeper into her folds, gathering Ruby’s arousal on her tongue and fingers, Ruby pawed at Emma’s back looking for something to hold onto. Emma loved how responsive Ruby was to her every move she made, her senses seemed heightened and her reflexes lightning fast.

It wasn’t long before Ruby was coming: she announced her climax with another long howl, sitting up to scratch deep red lines down Emma’s back. Emma tried her best not to break contact with Ruby’s core too soon, but those scratches really hurt. Emma rolled her shoulders trying to dislodge Ruby’s firm grip, but it only served to encourage Ruby to cling on tighter.

Ruby crashed back down onto the bed and Emma sat up to admire Ruby’s beauty. She looked stunning with the moonlight filtering in from the window and illuminating the fine sheen of sweat on her skin. Ruby smiled at Emma and stretched luxuriously. Her eyes seemed to glow amber for just a brief moment before Emma shook her head and dispelled what was obviously a trick from her imagination.

All thoughts evaporated as Ruby stalked toward the foot of the bed where Emma sat, and placed her warm, gentle hands all over her body. Ruby coaxed Emma down onto the bed, lying submissively, and waiting for Ruby to do as she pleased. Ruby straddled Emma’s lap, bending down gracefully to kiss her and Emma responded eagerly by pulling Ruby’s large cherry, bottom lip into her mouth to suck.

After a few moments of kissing, Ruby took her lips and put them to use trailing over Emma’s jaw. Emma rolled her head to the side to allow greater access while swallowing hard and breathing raggedly as she succumbed to the tingles and growing need in her body.

Ruby growled against Emma’s neck, the vibration rattling Emma’s own vocal chords and causing her to gasp. Her eyes flew open and her body tensed as Ruby’s kisses turned to bite, hard sharp bites right where Emma’s neck met her shoulder.

“Um, Rubes? … Owww!” Emma tried to pull away, as her arousal gave way to fear and pain induced endorphins. Scrambling to get out from under her, Emma felt a thin trail of blood trickle down her chest, as Ruby’s teeth sunk in deeper. Razor sharp fingernails dug into Emma’s sides, trapping her where she lay.

“Stop now!” Emma’s voice was panicked and high, and finally Ruby pulled her growling mouth away and looked up into Emma’s frightened face.

“Oh, Emma…sorry, I’m so sorry I must have gotten carried away,” Ruby apologized, her eyes watery as tears threatened to spill, “I always do this…I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

Emma was just relieved that the pain had ceased. She knew Ruby liked it when Emma nipped at her, but Emma never nipped that hard. It had been far more than a nip as Emma looked in the mirror at the perfect teeth marks bronzed in black and blue in her shoulder.

“Ruby, I’m fine, you just bit me too hard,” Emma tried to soothe her, Ruby had her head in her hands and was sitting on the side of the bed, crying.

“I didn’t want to hurt you, Emma; you know that I just wanted to make you feel good, right?” Ruby asked between broken breaths as she sobbed.

“Of course, it’s okay, these things happen, I guess…maybe we should just get some rest now?” Emma suggested, torn between being supportive and wondering what the hell did happen to Ruby to make her growl, bite and scratch.

“Are you sure you just want to sleep? You didn’t get off; I could still go down on you?” Ruby offered as she wiped her eyes, slowly coming back around to her usual cheery self.

Emma felt another wave of pain roll through her shoulder and thought about Ruby’s teeth near her pussy, “No, no…that’s okay; I’ll take a rain check on that.”

Emma pulled back the sheet and scooted down underneath, holding it up for Ruby, who sniffled once more and then crawled under, wrapping her arms lightly around Emma.

“Tired?” Emma asked as she yawned loudly.

“Hmm, yeah. Glad I’m with you tonight,” Ruby rested her head on Emma’s chest and soon her breathing even out, signaling she was asleep. Emma let herself drift off, trying to stomp down the sense memory of fear she had experienced earlier, embracing the sweet woman beside her a little more tightly.

A deal with god (2/?)

Posted on 2012.01.06 at 09:27
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Title: A Deal with God  (2/?)
Pairing: Regina/Emma
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, fairytale or real world

Summary: Regina asks Emma to accompany her to dinner after Emma saves her from that freaking wolf

You don’t want to hurt me,
but see how deep the bullet lies
Unaware, I’m tearing you asunder
Ooh, there is thunder in our hearts.
– “Running up that hill,” Kate Bush

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Fanfic: A Deal With God (1/?)

Posted on 2011.12.23 at 14:36
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Title: A Deal with God (1/2)
Pairing: Regina/Emma
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, fairytale or real world
Summary: Emma finds Regina in the cemetery mourning Graham’s death.

Why is there so much hate for the ones we love?
Tell me we both matter don't we?
You, It’s you and me,
It's you and me who won't be unhappy – “Running up that hill,” Kate Bush

A Deal with GodCollapse )

Title: V
Fandom: Rizzoli&Isles/TrueBlood crossover: Maura/Jane/Pam
Author: exquisitliltart
Word Count: 4,951
Rating: NC-17 Dub-Con, non-con
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.
Spoilers: none, but a general knowledge of the Trueblood Vamps is helpful
Summary:Maura/Jane/Pam - This is dirty, disturbing and wrong, and this takes place a few years back before Vampires came out to the world.

The call had come late in the day, just as Maura and Jane were heading from work and off to dinner. The weather was typical late November, gray and bitingly cold, and the sinking afternoon sun gave the skyline a soft ,washed out look. Rizzoli wanted nothing more than to spend the evening in a warm restaurant sipping wine and stuffing her face with pasta while watching Maura smile.

They were half-way there when Rizzoli’s phone rang with the dubious ringtone that meant it was the big boss. Maura knew that ring all too well as it was associated as being the spoiler of many evenings of fun with Jane.


“Rizzoli, I know you just put in full day, but I need you to check something out for me...we’re all stumped on this one,” the boss stated sounding quite a bit frustrated.

“What is it you need me to do?” Jane asked feeling her stomach tighten and growl.

“Can you stop over at at 3 Bay Road and question the proprietress? It’s a bed and breakfast, and an unusual “attack” occurred earlier today.”

“Okay, what kind of “attack”?” Jane was getting impatient, she needed specifics and didn’t like the out-of-character vagueness her boss was providing.

“4 witnesses state they saw a um..timber wolf stalking outside the building and then the wolf disappeared and there was suddenly a naked,dead man laying in pool of blood on the outside steps,” the boss recounted.

“A timber wolf attacked a naked man outside a bed and breakfast?” Jane repeated just to hear it out of her own lips. Maura looked at Jane confused and perturbed.

“The owner of the bed and breakfast claims one of her patrons was the intended victim of the wolf..er man. She says the patron killed the man in self-defense. The room where the attack occurred supports evidence of a struggle- broken lamps, lots of blood, and wolf hairs- or at least the lab is still running the DNA,” The chief continued.

“What is the victim’s story?” Jane asked.

“We can’t find the victim. Is Dr. Isles with you by chance?” The chief asked.

“Yeah, how’d you know?” Jane asked suspiciously, self-conscious that even the boss knew they spent a lot of time together.

“Frost said you two carpool,” the chief explained. The answer satisfied Jane, and she handed the phone over to Maura with a shrug.

“Dr. Isles speaking.”

“Sorry we didn’t call you to the scene, but we didn’t know what we were dealing with. According to the first report it sounded like we had a dead wolf so we had animal control come out, when we found a man’s body it all became a mess. But I wanted to let you know there is no rush on the autopsy, we have the body preserved and it will be waiting for you in the morning. Jane will fill you in on what we know so far,” the chief hung up, and Maura handed the phone back to Jane.

“Wolf attacks in Boston?” Maura scrunched her brow in shock, as that was unheard of within the city.

“Great, another worry to keep me up at night,” Jane said wearily, as she drove the few blocks to the crime scene, losing the last hope she had for eating manicotti anytime in the near future. At least this case was interesting. She pulled into an empty spot. Police tape blew in the cold wind as they exited the car and stood outside the brownstone building where said attacks had recently occurred.

“Jane, this attack happened during the day, so technically it’s not just at night you have to worry,” Maura chimed in as they climbed the stairs up to the entrance.

“Thank you Maura, as always ,you are very helpful in assuaging all fears,” Jane said letting the sarcasm drip from her words as Maura looked up surveying the building.

“This place has almost no windows. Look up there where there is newer brick over where the windows used to be,” Maura noted curiously wondering why anyone would choose to stay somewhere with no windows.

“Yeah, there is no way this place would pass a fire inspection, yet they are still operating as a bed and breakfast?” Jane’s interest was piqued, but there was still no connection to the wolf attack.

Jane and Maura entered the lobby and walked to the desk where a woman was sitting looking at her computer monitor. The woman looked up and Jane smiled as she flashed her badge.

“They told me I wouldn’t have to answer any more questions today, we don’t need this kind of attention around here,” the woman said icily to Jane.

“Are you the proprietress of this establishment?” Jane asked hoping to get this over as quickly as possible.

“Yes, I’m Margaret Woodman, this Inn has been in my family for many years,” she said cooperating a bit.

“I’m Detective Rizzoli, this is Dr. Isles. We were sent out here a little after the fact to try and sum up what happened here today so maybe you could tell me in your own words, and I’ll try to keep the questions to a minimum if you give me some details,” Jane said pressing on.

Maura stood even closer to Jane then she normally would, resisting the urge to wrap her arm with Jane’s. Something about this place made her feel unsettled. It wasn’t a feeling she experienced very often, as death didn’t get under her skin.

“...It was definitely a wolf, but it turned into a man...I don’t know how,” Margaret continued telling the story. “It was here on a mission, I saw it run in so fast it was blink or you miss it, run upstairs right to the room Mr. VonHausen occupied, (which is completely trashed, by the way) and then seconds later they were both out on the steps. The wolf was dragging him, but Mr. VonHausen was screaming up until I ran outside after them, just in time to see him rip the wolf’s throat out with his own teeth, and then the wolf turned into a man and Mr. VonHausen sort of... erm... disappeared.”

“He ran off?” Jane asked wondering why he hadn’t been located.

“No...he was just gone, like *poof* and that’s all I know. Now I have to start preparing breakfast, the patrons will expect it soon,” Maragaret said in a dismissive tone.

“Breakfast? It’s 6:30pm?” Jane scoffed, off-put by the whole crazy scenario, her belly rumbling at the mention of food. “You mean dinner? What are you serving? I wouldn’t normally ask this but could we possibly stay and eat with the other guests? We’re hungry and we’d like to ask around to see if anyone saw anything.”

“I’m sorry, we don’t really have a common dining area...” and none of the guests were in during the attack, I’m sure of it.” Margaret trailed off not sure what to say to get these detectives to leave. “There’s a nice deli down the street,” she added helpfully.

“Maybe we should just go, and figure it out in the morning,” Maura whispered to Jane, sensing they had gotten all they were going to from Margaret.

“Ma’am, if I could just take a look at the room where the struggle occurred then we’ll be on our way,” Jane asked.

Margaret hesitated, but decided it was better to let them then to argue, she showed Jane and Maura up the darkened stairway.

“How come there aren’t any windows upstairs?” Maura asked.

“We can charge more for rooms without windows, you see?” Margaret said smiling to herself, but Maura was still perplexed.

They came upon the room, the door was knocked off it’s hinges. Every piece of furniture was smashed as well as every light fixture. Sprays of blood covered the walls and there were several large holes and dents.The fight had been massive.

“How long were they up here fighting for?” Jane asked again, recalling Margaret had said only a few seconds before they dragged each other outside

“Not long, I don’t know exactly, not like I had a stop watch on.”

Maura looked around finding long, coarse hairs stuck to a pool of blood on the floor, “Jane look, these really do look like animal hairs.”

Jane heard a couple doors open and shut and creaking on the stairs out in the hall. Margaret looked nervously over her shoulder. “Our guests value their privacy, now you really must be going, breakf-er dinner is being dropped off right now, I must go get it.”

“How many rooms do you have total here?” Jane asked as they walked back down the hall, the upstairs was very small.

“7” Margaret said absently.

“Are you at full occupancy now?” Jane asked.

“No, we just have 4-- well 3 guests right now. It’s been a slow season.” Margaret explained, “But the weekends we’re usually full.”

“Hmm..” Jane said, as she let Margaret and then Maura go first down the dimly lit staircase.

When they reentered the lobby Jane saw two pale men sitting by the fire place, reading the paper from the morning. One greeted Margaret, in an accent that Jane couldn’t place, and looked Jane and Maura up and down with a rather lascivious eye. “I wanted to tell you I have dinner plans so you don’t have to send anyone up to me. Even though the menu looks quite appealing tonight,” he said looking hungrily toward Jane and Maura.

Margaret laughed, waving her hand- “Very good, sir, have a good evening.”

“Thank you, ladies.” He placed his hat on his head and headed out into the night. before Jane had thought to stop him and question him on the days events.

“Very pale patrons,” Maura observed, pulling Jane aside, “maybe they rent to people with photo-sensitivity?”

“Maybe,” Jane said rumpling her chin. “Margaret, thank you for your time. You’re sure none of your guests were in at the time of the attack?”

Maura turned back toward the staircase as she heard the distinctive click of high heels coming down, in the stairway stood a woman with blond hair, pale skin and dressed entirely in pink. “What attack?” She asked deadpan, she openly stared at Maura. Maura shivered and then noticed that her heels were Betsey Johnson’s, the same pair Maura was wearing.

“My name is Pam, just Pam, and you are?” She extended her hand to Maura who took it hedgingly, Pam bent her head and pressed her cold lips to the top of Maura’s hand.

“I’m Maura...this is Jane,” Maura stammered, suddenly feeling self-conscious in Pam’s unwavering presence, “we have the same shoes on.”

“So we do.” Pam said emotionless, but she was hoping that wasn’t all she had in common with the beautiful human women standing before her. Pam moved her attention to Jane, who looked rather displeased with Pam. It was instantly clear to Pam that if Jane had been a vampire the look she was giving her said, Maura is mine. Since Jane was not a vampire Pam didn’t have to abide by that rule, and Maura could be hers tonight. Jane too, as a matter of fact, Pam was hungry and she couldn’t decide which one looked most delicious.

“Nice to meet you, but we were just on our way. Maura, come on,” Jane grabbed Maura’s hand and tried to pull her along, as she did not approve of the ear to ear smile that lit up her face at the sight of Pam. Before they reached the door, it swung open and Maura and Jane jumped back in shock, a huge black wolf was staring them down, drool poured from it’s open jowls and it lunged, knocking Jane back and the wind out of her, Maura turned to run, but it bit down on her thigh and pulled her to the ground, and tried to drag her out into the street.

Jane tried to get up, she felt the adrenaline rushing through her as she struggled to breathe. In a flash, she saw Pam open her mouth and pop out two gleaming white fangs, and dive at the wolf knocking it back and off of Maura. Jane heard Maura’s flesh rip as the wolf did not want to let go of her thigh. Maura was screaming at the top of her lungs, blood was pooling on the floor. Margaret had hid behind the desk, and other patron in the lobby had fled. Pam fought the wolf, and in no contest brought the beast down dead on the floor, just as Jane was able to draw her gun.

“Is it dead?” Jane screamed, training her gun on the heap of black fur, spread in an ever widening pool of red blood.

“Duh,” Pam said in almost sounding bored, blood dripping from her mouth and hands. Jane backed away from Pam like she was drawing her hand away from a burning stove. Pam’s fangs were still out as she enjoyed her kill, she moved to her knees and began sucking the blood from the wolf as he morphed suddenly into a human form. Jane slid over to where Maura fell, her screaming had ceased, blood ran freely from her mangled thigh. Jane started to cry as she tapped at Maura’s face and called her name trying to revive her.

Pam tired of the were-wolf blood, smelling the sweet almost intoxicating scent of Maura. Pam moved over to the other side of Maura’s head and bit her own wrist, placing it up to Maura’s lips.

“What the fuck are you doing, you sick freak?” Jane screamed trying to pull Pam’s hand away. Pam grabbed Jane with her free hand and flung her across the room like a rag doll right on top of the now dead human in the foyer. “I’m saving her life, if you let me.”

Maura had come awake as soon as Pam’s blood hit her tongue. A compulsion inside took over and she couldn’t help but suck at her wrist like it was a life-giving water fountain. Jane scrambled off the corpse unable to process that it was no longer a wolf, and searched for her phone to call an ambulance for Maura.

“What are you doing to her? We have to call an ambulance!” Jane yelped. Terrified of Pam, but desperate for her friend, she came up to Maura’s side, watching her suck on Pam’s wrist. Pam grinned at Jane, drawing her attention to the once gaping wound as it stopped spurting blood and began to heal over at a rapid pace.

Pam gently pulled her wrist away from Maura, letting her have just a little extra of her magical blood, enough to not only heal her, but make her feel better than she ever had in her life.

“Quid pro quo,” Pam said as she leaned down to lick the blood off where Maura’s wound had been, Pam felt the last layer of skin knit together under her tongue. “yum, yum, you’re delicious, your diet consists of a lot of seafood and red wine. Very nice,” Pam said pleased looking at a dazed Maura.

Jane was trying to get Maura’s attention, but Maura seemed high, she patted Jane’s arm and assured her that all was well, “I’m fine Jane, never better. You look pretty. Oh is Pam licking my leg? That’s nice...what exactly happened?”

Pam picked Maura up and pulled her over her shoulder, heading for the stairs. “You can’t move her! She could have internal bleeding, a broken neck...” Jane tried to reason as she pulled herself and followed after the vampire.

“Shut up,” Pam called over her shoulder, as she carried Maura to her room.

Pam’s room was sparsely furnished, she laid Maura out on the bed, and Jane sat on the edge next to her, holding her hand. Jane examined Maura for bruises, cuts, scrapes or signs that she had moments ago been violently attacked by a wolf. All that was ruined was her skirt, which had all but been ripped to shreds, a few bits of fringe held together by the waistband. Truthfully, Maura was glowing, looking impossibly beautiful and full of life. Jane glanced at Pam who was pacing the room, on the phone speaking a foreign language to someone.

Maura was still acting strangely, her pupils were almost completely dilated, her eyelids low. Maybe she was in shock, or had a concussion, Jane needed to get them out of here. She looked again for her phone, but it was not in any of her pockets or coat, Maura’s purse was still downstairs. She couldn’t risk leaving her in this state with this crazy blooding drinking wolf-killing...vampire. Jane realized for the first time that she was in the company of a real vampire. It was obvious, but apparently her mind hadn’t let her make that conclusion until now. Jane stared agape at Pam who was just closing her phone and turning her attention toward Jane and Maura.

“My people are going to take care of that little doggy problem downstairs, don’t you worry,” Pam drawled, sauntering closer to the bed. “How are you doing, Buttercup?” Pam asked Maura, who grinned enthusiastically up at her.

“Why is she acting like this?” Jane asked as it was the first question that tumbled out of her mouth.

“She’s high on my blood. It’s a drug for humans, in addition to healing you all up rather nicely. She’s also extremely aroused, I made sure of that too” Pam smiled when Jane got angry. “I was just telling my maker about what good fortune I’ve had in Boston. He commanded me to stay right here and enjoy you both. I can’t argue with that. He knows me so well. You see, she--” Pam pointed to Maura who was now positively writhing in bliss in the sheets, “is exactly the type I like to fuck, and you are exactly the type I like to have fuck me. How lucky I am tonight, and I already got a taste of her, but I can’t wait to taste you.”

“You’re a vampire? And you’re going to rape us and drink our blood?” Jane was now more scared than ever.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how turned on I became just listening to your friend scream out in pain, watching her blood spurting from her femoral artery like that...ooh, that was amazing! But rape is such a strong word, I’m thinking she’s not gonna protest too much, and you- well, you’re not having a very good time yet, are you?”

Jane was searching the room trying to find a weapon to use. She knew she was no match for her super strength and super speed. Her eyes stopped searching when Pam grasped her chin in her hand and looked into her eyes.

“Are you going to..eat us, and kill us?” Jane asked again more panicked by the predatory gaze she was facing.

“Listen here, why can’t you be a little more grateful like your girlfriend is being? I did save both your lives from that werewolf, and all I am trying to do here is give you the most fan-fucking-tastic night of intimate pleasure that you ever have or ever will experience. The only thing I’m planning to eat right now is your pussy, bitch. If you fuck me right, I’ll treat you very, very good, but if you fuck me over than I will drain every last drop of blood from your body and leave you as nothing more than human shaped corn husk. Any more questions?”

Jane screamed at her words, but found Pam staring into her eyes once again, and Jane was transfixed. Pam said her name slowly over and over, glamouring her to obey, “Jane, Jane, look at me. You are going to handcuff yourself to the bed, and remain quiet no matter what.”

Jane laid down next to Maura and handcuffed herself to the bed post, she had no choice, she didn’t want to do it, but she couldn’t stop herself.

“Good, very good. Maura, what do you think about Jane?” Pam asked. Jane stared on furious that Pam had turned Maura into a bimbo. Maura was giggling, running her hands all over Pam’s body.

“I like Jane, she’s my favorite,” Maura breathed out as Pam kissed her neck, causing Maura’s eyes to widen and mouth to fall open in awe.

“Do you ever do this with Jane?” Pam asked, unbuttoning Maura’s shirt and pulling it off her shoulders, and then kissing down her neck and between her breasts.

“Hmm...no, not with Jane...” Maura was already panting, and trying to remove her red satin bra, and then her hands traveled down to her panties trying desperately to relieve the overwhelming ache between her legs.

Pam intercepted her hands from touching herself, “No, not there yet, I get to touch you there. So, you’ve never thought about sex with Jane? Never wanted to touch her like this...kiss her... fuck her?” Pam teased, looking over Maura’s shoulder at Jane who was staring at the sight before her helplessly. Maura’s bra popped off and Pam threw it in Jane’s face. Pam ripped the remnants of Maura’s skirt off, and pulled her soaked panties down, as she dragged her full into her lap. “It’s okay you can tell me,” Pam whispered as she nibbled Maura’s earlobe and palmed her breasts.

“Oh, yeah..I think about Jane a lot...I want to, but she doesn’t,” Maura began to thrust her hips against Pam desperately seeking release. “You want to cum, don’t you? You want Jane to make you cum hard?”

“Yes, yes, please...Jane,” Maura begged.

“I need you to do something first,” Pam unbuttoned her own pink shirt, and unfastened her bra tossing both garments aside and letting her large pale breasts fall into Maura’s face. “Dig your fingernails into my back until they draw blood.”

Maura hesitated for only a moment before leaning forward against Pam to wrap her hands around her back. Maura’s skin was red hot and burning up, but Pam felt like ice. Maura tentatively scratched at Pam’s back.

“A kitten scratches far harder than that, let me feel it,” Pam demanded. Maura tried again, and just as she digging in a bit harder, without warning, Pam plunged her fangs full force into Maura’s neck. Maura let out a strangled cry, startling herself out of her haze of lust and dug her manicured nails so hard into Pam’s back that she swore she scraped bone. Pam bucked against her sucking a bit more her blood. Jane tried to scream, but no sound came out, she writhed against her cuffs, and when Maura pulled her fingers back there was blood dripping from each one.

Pam sat back, wiping the blood daintily off her chin, smiling wickedly, “what a good girl” she said looking on a approvingly at Maura’s dripping fingers. “Now go to Jane and let her lick them clean.”

Maura crawled on top of Jane and ran a finger down her mute lips. She tried to keep her mouth shut, but Maura was humping her thigh, and she could feel her hot wet core against her. Jane was only human, she had been resisting sleeping with Maura all this time because she didn’t want sex to ruin their perfect friendship, but seeing Maura like this Jane couldn’t help but feel aroused. As she pressed full against Jane and was insistently shoving her fingers in her mouth, the second even the tiniest bit of V got in Jane she changed. She suddenly found herself licking all of Maura’s fingers and then licking all of Maura that she could reach. Maura grabbed Jane’s hand and pulled it down to her drenched pussy, “Jane, right here, please, god.”

“A little more patience please,” Pam pulled Maura off of Jane and made her sit on her knees on the bed.

“I can’t wait any longer,” Maura panted looking distressed.

“Jane you’re wanting to join the party I take it? I’ll let you speak and take off the handcuffs now,” Pam released Jane from the glamour and Jane who was now high as well as impossibly aroused fumbled with the handcuff key, thinking about how badly she wanted Maura...and Pam. Her clothes felt restricting and hot, she let herself free of the handcuff and then quickly pulled off her shirt and unbuckled her pants, let her gun fall to the floor with her pants.

“Jane I want you to wear this,” Pam said, eyes gleaming, handing her a strap on. “You’re going to be fucking us both, but me first because I’ve been very patient- unlike her. Pam pushed Maura back onto the bed as Jane buckled herself into the harness. She had never worn one before, but she certainly was enjoying the feel of large realistic dildo.

Pam spread Maura’s legs wide and splayed herself out to Jane, “fuck me from behind, while I eat out your girlfriend.”

Pam began to lick and suck at Maura’s overheated flesh, while Jane stood behind Pam gently running the head of the dildo against her slit. Maura began to cry out in long keening mewls as her orgasm came barrelling toward her like a freight train.

Jane pushed all the way into Pam as she pushed back against her. Jane steadied herself by placing her hands on Pam’s hips, wanting to make her feel it all as deep as possible.

Maura finally came so hard she arched off the bed and sent all 3 of them toppling over. Jane pulled out of Pam. She was dumbstruck by how she found herself behaving.

Pam laid on her back and pulled Maura to cover her laying on her back also. “Fuck us both, please- I think she’s ready for your cock” Pam said dipping her finger between Maura’s legs to test her. “Yep, she is. Maura tell Jane how much you want her to fuck you.”

“Very much, Jane, God I want you so, so much,” Maura practically screamed, wiggling her hips to emphasize.

Jane swallowed hard as she placed her knees on the bed and moved the dildo to Maura’s entrance, pushing into her slick folds, meeting almost no resistance. Maura immediately began to buck and moan, while Pam kissed her neck and rubbed circles around her clit. Maura came again almost instantly. Pam pulled the dildo out of Maura and placed it inside her self, and Jane kept thrusting into her, she was in a trance and she felt so good. Pam came hard, her inner muscles constricting around the dildo so hard Jane could feel it practically being crushed. Maura was still on top of Pam, and crushed under Jane, looking enthusiastic and gorgeous.

When Pam came down from her orgasm, she removed the dildo by tugging on it as she rolled Maura off to her side. “Jane, I’ve saved the best- You’ve done very, very good my dear, but I still want to taste your blood and make you cum.”

Pam pulled Jane down on top of her and removed the harness from her hips. She rolled her over, as Jane breathed in sharply. Pam bit into her femoral artery and sucked deeply causing Jane to whimper in pleasure and pain. “You taste like...something wonderful, that I can’t quite put my fang on,” Pam sucked a bit more, then dipped her tongue into Jane’s dripping folds. Jane was so ready, that it only took a few minutes to bring Jane over the edge. Maura kissed her soundly as they began to arouse each other again. They each climaxed several more times that night as their intense high slowly wore off, they began to get very sleepy.

Pam only had a few hours until daylight, so she beckoned her lovers out to their car. She coaxed Jane’s address from her and drove them to Jane’s house. She made Jane invite her inside, and she helped them into bed naked- threw what was left of their clothes on the floor and made sure Jane had her gun and badge, and Maura had her purse. Maura’s heels had been ruined in the attack, so Pam thought she would pay it forward and left her pair neatly next to the bed.

She made one phone call to Eric, and Jane listened to Pam’s side of the conversation, “and you’ve glamoured the entire Boston PD and animal control? Removed the other body from morgue? Good. Yes, it was worth it. No, I’ll make sure they don’t remember.”

Pam stood at the foot of Jane’s bed. “What would you have done tonight if you hadn’t been busy getting high on my blood and fucking me?”

“Italian food,” Jane said weakly, grabbing for Maura’s hand.

“Listen to me - Jane, Maura,- you both left work, went out for dinner, had the best Italian meal you’ve ever eaten. You drank the best wine you’ve ever tasted. You came back here, professed your undying love to each other and had the best, wild, lesbian sex that has ever been had all night long. That is exactly how you’ll remember it when you wake up. Sleep now.”


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Title: Footsy
Fandom: Rizzoli and Isles
Author: exquisitliltart
Word Count:
Rating: NC-17 (later chapters)
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.
Spoilers: I kissed a girl
Summary:Maura/Jane.Written in response to a prompt from the porn battle, “A teasing game of footsy at dinner during their double date becomes something more” - got off track and didn’t finish it until now- alternate ending to that Jorge/Brock double date. (I don’t think I write Maura right, but who does? The show writers don’t mind so neither do I, and this isn’t a character study- it’s smut :)) and with nearly naked Sasha Alexander visuals to stimulate the “mind”: http://www.hollywood-celebrity-pictures.com/Celebrities/Sasha-Alexander/Sasha-Alexander-1.JPG

Jane was doing her best to entertain her date, telling stories, smiling and nodding when appropriate. She tried to focus on Jorge, but occasionally her gaze shifted (disapprovingly) to the close physical proximity Maura shared with Brock. When Maura excused her and Jane to the restroom and suggested Jane take Jorge to bed, everything in Jane resisted the idea. In fact, when they went back to the table Jorge and Brock were paying the tab. “Oh, no dessert?” Maura said an edge of disappointment in her voice.

“Actually, I have to get up really early to teach yoga,” Brock said pulling a mock yawn.

“Okay, I can take you home since I drove us here,” Maura grabbed her purse, but Brock waved his hands and shook his head to stop her. “Maura, it’s okay, Jorge lives really close to me- he’s going to give me a ride.”

“But what about Jane, she rode here with Jorge?” Maura asked increasingly confused by the turn of events.

“You wouldn’t mind giving Jane a ride home, Maura?” Jorge asked apologetically, “geographically it does make more sense.”

“I guess not,” Maura slumped back into her chair and looked across the table at Jane.

“Thanks,” Jane raised her eyebrows. She sat quietly while Maura asked the questions, Jane was just happy to be off the hook for the night, even though the way the tone of the evening had changed was quite abrupt.

“Great! Well, it was lovely to meet you both officially and um...we’ll have to do this again sometime,” Jorge said as he smiled and left the table.

Brock followed close behind him, “Good night, Ladies.”

As soon as they were out of the bar, Maura moved closer to Jane, “What just happened there? Please tell me I was interpreting all the signals correctly?”

“I’m not sure, but looks like I shaved my legs in a bar-restroom for nothing,” Jane smiled at Maura as she tipped her beer. Secretly, the thought of Maura going home with Brock made her anxious, she didn’t like him, and he was all wrong for Maura in Jane’s opinion.

“Well, now what?! I feel like getting drunk!” Maura waved at the bartender to bring her another glass of wine.

“Hey Driver, or.... how about you not get shitfaced and strand me all the way out here on this side of town.” Jane said sarcastically trying to brighten Maura’s mood.

“We’ll get a cab,” Maura shrugged.

“Nah, let’s get out of here. I am dying to change out of this uncomfortable dress anyway, we can go to my place and lament.” Jane got up from the table and grabbed her purse.

“Fine,” Maura trailed dejectedly behind her to the bar exit, “It’s just that.. I was really hoping to have sex tonight.”

Jane didn’t have time to respond to that comment, because just as they reached the parking lot, Jorge and Brock were driving by and Brock had his arm around Jorge.

“Oh my God, did you see that?” Jane nudged Maura’s rib as she was digging in her big purse looking for the car keys.

“What?” Maura asked looking up.

“I think I know why we got stood up- damn gaydar is so broken,” Jane mumbled, slightly angry, yet slightly bemused. “Remember when I thought you kicked me under the table, but it was Brock?” Jane said.

“Yeah and then I thought Jorge was trying to play footsy with me,” Maura said as the pieces started to fall together.

“Brock and Jorge!” Jane shouted, “Oh, man this is too good.” Jane placed her hand on the small of Maura’s back and directed her to her car.

“Brock and Jorge were playing footsy with each other! Now, I really want to get drunk,” Maura pouted, as she climbed into her black Mercedes. “What do they see in each other that they don’t see in us?”

“Um... do you really want me to make a dick joke?” Jane giggled, as Maura started the engine.
9pm Friday found Jane an Maura slumped on Jane’s couch passing a bottle of wine and a bowl of popcorn back and forth while they vegged in front of the TV. Jo Friday camped out between them on the sofa trying to catch stray pieces of popcorn as they fell out of Jane’s hand or mouth.

“I can’t believe we had to wait until Friday to catch up on Trueblood” Jane scoffed as the episode ended.

“At least now we won’t have to wait a whole week for the next one, Sunday is very close,” Maura said trying to be the optimist, but clearly looking downtrodden.

“Don’t be shy with the wine, you have nowhere to be, and I’ve got a whole rack full of the kind you like.You really wanted to get drunk, so go for it,” Jane said as she poured them each another glass.

“Oh, but I really should go home and spend some time with Bass- I think he gets lonely,” Maura said, setting her glass down
“Really? I mean does he curl up in your lap and let you pet him? That’s what pets are supposed to do.That is companionship and you can get that right here,” Jane countered, patting the couch for emphasis, to convince Maura to stay.

“Yeah? You’re going to curl up in my lap and let me pet you?” Maura teased.

“I could, but I meant Miss Jo Friday, and she gives kisses if you ask nicely. Don’t you girl?” Jane stroked Jo who immediately perked up and started wagging her tail.

“You’ve come a long way extolling the benefits of dog ownership. As I recall, you didn’t want her at first, and now you kiss each other- how sweet” Maura observed.

“Jo, don’t listen to her, if there was ever any hesitation it was only because I have a slight allergy. But now I take a benadryl and we’re good to go, right my little angel-blossom.” Jane lifted Jo up under her front legs and made squishy faces at her as if she was a baby.

Maura laughed, “Okay I will stay, but only because I am being so highly entertained watching the same woman who screams in suspects’ faces while grinding an elbow in their spine, cuddle her little precious pup.”

Jane sighed, “I am multi-faceted. You might be shocked to hear this, but I for one, am glad that date ended when it did, because I had a long enough day- and I tried to break in new shoes, which is always a mistake at work, because I never know when I’m gonna have to outrun someone.” Jane pulled her foot into her lap and tried to massage out the tension.

“The dates were supposed to relieve our tension. How do you think I feel? While you were out running around, I was down in the morgue hunched over all those dead bodies, slaving away trying to find a cause of death for you, my neck and shoulders are quite sore as well,” Maura cracked her neck and stretched her back.

“I’ll make you a deal- you rub my feet, and I’ll give you a back rub?” Jane offered. “But I want the real deal, with lotion and everything none of this half-assed shiatsu crap that Frost tries to pull.”

“Fine as long as that applies to my back as well and if I rub your feet for a half hour then I’d expect the same amount of time spent on my back, or maybe longer because my back is a larger surface area than your feet,” Maura said.

“I think that’s pushing it, if you want equal surface area you can rub my calves too, and lucky for you because I just shaved,” Jane said in her most self-satisfied tone, and got up to go find some lotion before Maura rescinded the deal.


For a woman as low maintenance as Jane considered herself to be, she did have quite the collection of fancy lotions and candles. Being the only woman in the homicide division around holidays, all the other guys ever gave her were candles and lotion. No tackle boxes, mag lites or “manly” things that the guys got. She shrugged, realizing it worked to her advantage this evening, she scooped up the basket and headed back out to the living room.

Maura had vacated her spot from the couch and was no where to be seen. “Maura?” Jane called worried she had left unannounced.

“In here,” Maura yelled back from Jane’s bedroom.

Guess we’re taking it to the bedroom, that’s much farther than I would have gotten with Jorge anyway, Jane thought as she crossed the threshold, teetering slightly from the fog of alcohol that had settled into her head. Truthfully, if they had both been sober there was no way this “massage” date would have progressed as far as it had already. Jane was too self-conscious and stubborn normally to let anyone rub her, and she never really enjoyed giving back rubs. It just wasn’t her thing, but for Maura exceptions were often made.

Then she just about dropped her basket of lotions as she was visually assaulted by Maura laying in just her teal lacy panties, face down, smack in the middle of Jane’s bed. Jane’s eyes raked over her and her breath caught when she noticed Maura’s scrumptious looking side-boob peeking out. Maura raised up slightly to peer at Jane, but all Jane noticed was the tantalizing decompression of her boob, and the tanned muscles of her back, flaring out to the strong, toned butt and legs attached.

Maura noticed Jane’s face. “Sorry, I didn’t have any bottoms since I was in my dress, and I didn’t want to rifle through your things,” Maura said laying back down and wiggling her hips slightly to settle in.

“Uh...I found a bunch of lotions, what scent do you want,” Jane stammered slightly trying to sound as casual as Maura did, like it was an every day occurrence to give naked massages in her bed.

“Something tropical” Came the muffled reply, Maura bunched up her hair and placed her hands all the way over her head. Jane had moved to the other side of the bed with the lotion labeled Hawaiian Rain, and was now admiring Maura’s lace clad ass. The panties fit her perfectly, and they werent a thong, but did leave quite a bit of cheek uncovered. Jane tried to figure out the most appropriate way to get on the bed to reach Maura’s back, and she particularly wanted to start with the perfect little dimples on either side of her low spine. Jane put her knee on the bed. Why did she lay right in the middle? Jane wondered.

Maura was growing slightly anxious,and beginning to think it was too forward of her to strip down and lay out next-to-naked on Jane’s bed, but she wanted to see how Jane reacted to her. She could feel Jane hesitating on the edge of the bed. What was she waiting for? Maura was splayed out like a Thanksgiving turkey and Jane was sure taking her time. Briefly she considered Jane might not want to give her a massage and was trying to find a way to tell her, but then she realized after more false starts that Jane couldn’t get a good amount of leverage to reach her back from her position.

“Jane the most efficient position would be to straddle my hips, and take it from there.” Maura offered helpfully.

“Sure, good idea, Maura.”
This might be a really bad idea, Jane’s inner voice chimed in.

Jane slowly settled herself onto Maura’s ass, squeezed out some lotion and dove for the dimples.


Maura writhed a little when Jane straddled her. The feel of her weight on her butt was warm, comforting, intimate and erotic. When Jane attentively spread lotion all over her back, all doubt disappeared and Maura let herself relax fully into Jane’s touch.

Jane made broad sensuous strokes up and down, etching the knots out from the edges of Maura’s shoulder blades and smoothing the tension off of her neck. The lotion was warm and smelled so enticing. Jane was transfixed on Maura’s smooth expanse of skin, and her singular purpose was to give her pleasure.

Maura had almost drifted off to sleep, but Jane was busy tracing her own name in lotion on Maura’s back. She had written it in all different sizes and ways, silently claiming her. Jane was e unaware, but she did this day to day in other ways that were more subtle by invading Maura’s space or speaking up for her when Maura’s meaning got lost in a tangle of scientific jargon. Jane happened to glance at the clock and realized she had been rubbing Maura’s back for the better part of an hour.

“Maura? Are you awake? How do you feel?”

“Hmm...amazing,” Maura whispered sleepily into the pillow, as she came around and realized if she didn’t up the ante this night would end like most others- with sleep, and Maura didn’t want sleep, she was certain she wanted Jane.

Jane moved off of her, instantly missing the warm, intimate contact, and sat on the side of the bed looking away, “uh, let me find you a shirt and some shorts...”

Maura turned over onto her back, exposing her chest and stomach, showing no modesty. She was starting to wake up a bit, as she felt the absence of Jane’s warmth and soothing touch as well.

Jane looked back at Maura and couldn’t help but stare at her perfect breasts and hard nipples.

“I don’t want a shirt,” Maura said, putting her hand out to stop Jane. “I owe you a foot rub.”

“Maura, you’re naked...” Jane said, stating the obvious.

“I know, and I know you like my breasts, Jane. I catch you looking down my shirt often enough,” Maura smiled when Jane’s eyebrows furrowed and her cheeks flushed red instantly.

“I like seeing you, flustered,” Maura added and it came out just as seductively as she hoped it would.

“That’s not really fair, considering you’re the one who is always shoving those things in my face,” Jane waved a circle in Maura’s general direction.

“True..but only because I know you like them and I like attention from you,” Maura answered as honestly as possible. “Jane? Please come here.” Maura moved onto her knees and patted her lap, but Jane didn’t move from the side of the bed.

Maura scooted closer, feeling hesitant, not sure what Jane was thinking, and beginning to second guess herself. She lifted Jane’s hair off of her shoulder, and ran her hands down her back. “Let me rub your feet like I promised, I’ll put on a shirt if it would make you more comfortable,” Maura whispered sincerely into Jane’s ear.

Jane still didn’t move, and Maura sat back expectant and nervous as she let Jane regain some control.

“I guess my question is- what are you doing Maura? Tonight, you were all about Brock and oh so disappointed that you didn’t get to take him home and fuck his brains out, and now you’re trying to seduce me? Am I like your second choice doll, cause you just need to get laid and don’t care who does it?” Jane’s words came out more venomous than she meant, but she was hurt and confused and still acutely aware of Maura’s state of undress. “I..I mean are you trying to take advantage of a perceived attraction I have for you because that is just ...dirty- I mean we’re best friends.”

Maura was shocked by Jane’s words. This was all wrong and definitely,not in the plan. Tears stung her eyes and Maura felt as though she couldn’t even pull the emotions out of the swirl in her head to string them together and verbalize them. Jane was waiting for an answer. The bedroom was dark, and still. Maura could her her own heart beating and she was suddenly chilled and self-conscious of her nakedness. She wished she had on one of her perfect designer outfits, complete with stilettos and impeccable makeup to give her the much needed confidence to sort this mess out.

She took a deep breath and started, “I have a confession, it was all a construct- I, me and myself only lied to you, Jane.”

“What was a lie?” Jane asked tossing a glance over her shoulder, distrusting of Maura’s words, although she had never known her to be anything but sweet and honest with her.

“This whole night- I..I knew Jorge and Brock were “together” and I got them to be our dates in order for things to play out like this. I didn’t know how to ask you---how to “get” you any other way. I told Brock how I was feeling after he commented that mine and your auras meld together in yoga class, and he suggested I find a way to just physically meld with you. I felt like I had tried everything else to get your attention..er...romantically, and I was so desperate I just went along. I’m sorry, I never meant for you to feel secondary to anyone.” Maura was blubbering and beginning to ramble.

Jane swallowed hard, hating to see Maura cry. Still flabbergasted by her confession. Her mind replayed he events of the evening, then scanned deeper back through events and interactions that had raised Jane’s pulse: all the times Maura had found a way to put those boobs in her face, all the light touches on her arms, face, back, thighs, midnight phone calls just to “check in”, flirting-- oh God,lots and lots of good-natured, sing-songy flirting that put a bounce in Jane’s step every time she left the morgue, and that was quite a feat. The countless invites to events and after work drinks and dinners. Jane never realized how obvious it had always been. Of course Maura was frustrated that Jane had never given her any more despite every indication on Jane’s part of showing her she wanted it. The “it” being “more” out of their relationship, and the “more” being all of “Maura”: (mind, body and spirit as Brock would say)- and how Jane did want her.

Maura’s chin was down, she had crawled half under the sheets and was covering her chest, looking impossibly sad.

“You’re breaking my heart, right now,” Jane said softly.

“Because I lied? I’m sorry I knew it was wrong...and I honestly didn’t even think I could do it, but this was the first time I was able to do it..naturally....” Maura slowly looked up.

“It’s okay, come here. I must be frustrating the hell out of you,” Jane said apologetically.

Maura tilted her head, and Jane took the opportunity to show Maura how she felt with no mixed messages. She pressed her lips to Maura’s before she could say another word.

puppies for halloween

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The puppies are going to dress up as Rizzoli and Isles for Halloween- time to start working on their costumes!


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Title: Bottom Drawer
Pairing: Jane/Maura
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters
Summary: written for porn battle, an alternate take on their bed scene from episode 1x06

“Do you really have to wear your clothes and shoes to bed?” This was the second time Maura had brought it up. “I’m uncomfortable just looking at you. Here-” Maura sprang up in bed and went to work on Jane’s right boot.

“Maura, don’t. My feet probably stink, just leave it,” Jane countered, but Maura already had it unzipped and heaved it off her foot.

“Not bad,” Maura stated as she unzipped the other one, and tossed them unceremoniously off the bed. Maura sidled up beside Jane and reached for her belt. Jane continued to lay there not lifting a finger, smiling through her fatigue.

“Do I really have to undress you? No wonder your mother worries about you being taken care of,” Maura scolded as she tugged hard to pull the belt free of the loops.

“I never asked you to, I was perfectly fine,” Jane pointed out.

Maura huffed and rolled back over to her side.

“You’re going to stop there?” Jane asked teasingly. “I mean that’s not very thorough and my bra is kind of pinching. Now come to think of it, I would be more comfy in some sweats- can you grab me some from the dresser so I don’t have to move,please?” Jane asked sweetly, not thinking that Maura would actually get up and do it, but she did.

She rifled through Jane’s drawers and pulled out a pair of shorts and a tank top. Jane pulled off her shirt and wriggled out of her pants. Just as Maura opened the bottom drawer to look for any better garment options,Jane called out from bed with a bit of alarm in her voice,”Oh Maura don’t open the bottom-”

“Too late!” Maura sing-songed cutting her off.“I guess you have something in common with the ice age women,” Maura teased upon gleefully stumbling upon Jane’s healthy collection of toys.

“Get out of there,” Jane’s face turned bright red and she hugged a pillow over her face, she pulled it over tighter when she heard the tell-tale sound of buzzing. Maura was holding her favorite vibrator and experimenting with the settings.

“Oh God, I’m going to die of embarrassment,” Jane squealed.

“What? Jane don’t, I have my own share of these too, don’t hide from me.” Maura tried to reassure her. “It’s fun, remember what I said about sex releasing hormones?”

“Ok, sure, but put that back, and can I please have my clothes now? And we won’t speak of this ever, ever again, right?” Jane was feeling very tormented.

“Hmm, no, I don’t think that’s an option now,” Maura dragged her eyes up and down Jane’s body.
“Show me what you do,” Maura couldn't believe the words that had just come out of her mouth.

Jane sat up and dropped the pillow. Maura delightfully noticed that Jane’s nipples were hard through her thin cotton bra. Jane felt frozen, her eyes wide, did she seriously just ask that? She thought. She didn’t feel repulsed or weirded out, just excited and aroused. Jane took notice of the way Maura was staring at her, she had seen that exact look before. Once on a case at the Boston zoo, she’d seen a hungry tiger devour a big juicy steak. Jane was now the steak. Maura was chewing on her lip slightly unsure of how to proceed. After a few seconds of standing nonreactive, unable to think about anything but her desire to see Jane writhe and moan in pleasure, Maura almost chickened out. She was about to laugh it off, throw the toy back into the drawer and forget about the whole incident, but instead she took a deep breath and brazenly walked forward and placed the vibrator on the bed next to Jane. After she set it down she whispered, “Only if you want to,” as Jane hung her head in contemplation.

“Will you...turn off the light? I don’t even watch myself do this,” Jane breathed out nervously.

Maura moved over to the doorway and flipped off the light all the while never taking her eyes off Jane. She moved back over to the bed and pulled her leggings off and took off her shirt revealing to Jane that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Now completely naked she crawled back into bed and leaned toward Jane. She smiled sweetly at her as she reached around and effortlessly unhooked Jane’s bra letting it fall. Then she pulled her close and pressed her soft dry lips to Jane’s. They kissed gently and Jane’s head swam, her limbs felt tingly and heavy. She was shocked and awed by Maura’s beauty and sweet demeanor. Maura placed her hands on Jane’s hips and slid her panties off, flinging them across the room. Jane’s breathing became labored as she picked up the vibrator and turned it on.

“Lay back and relax,” Maura said as she drew soothing circles over Jane’s belly. Jane laid down and let Maura appreciate her long lean legs and naked form. Despite Jane’s self-consciousness the ache between her legs made it easy for her to proceed. Maura’s breath hitched as she watched Jane slowly rub the vibrator back and forth between her legs. Jane turned her head into the pillow as she began to rock her pelvis into the vibrator, “oh..fuck..”, she moaned into the pillow.

“How does it feel?” Maura asked intently moving closer to Jane to get a better view, reaching her own hand down to herself to try and subdue the tension that was building.
“Uhhhhh..how does it look?” Jane sassed as she repositioned herself and turned up the speed.
“Hmm, let me make you come, please?” Maura moved her hand over Jane’s to take over. Jane let Maura have it, getting more excited as Maura moved to straddle her and placed the toy perfectly between them so they were both stimulated. Maura’s breasts bounced right into Jane’s face and she couldn’t help but capture a nipple between her lips. Maura moaned and bucked against her harder, reaching between them to make sure the toy was in firm contact.

The stimulation was overwhelming Jane and she announced that she was very close to coming. Maura focused on kissing and licking Jane’s chest and breasts and slowly made her way down her body until her face was poised between Jane’s legs and she took over operating the toy. She easily slid it inside Jane, angling it to create the right amount of pressure. Jane squirmed underneath her, and Maura felt her heart racing as she found herself in the moment realizing this is what she had been wanting for a very long time.

Jane let out a labored cry and Maura felt Jane’s inner muscles contracting around the toy as she came. When Jane finally started to come down from the rush, Maura removed the toy from Jane and rolled over to use it on herself. Jane rubbed her eyes and her post climax haze lifted as she watched Maura intently. One hand plunging the vibrator into herself, squeezing her legs around it, and the other hand searched for Jane’s. Jane rolled over onto to her side and held Maura’s hand for the short time it took her to orgasm. Maura kept her eyes tightly shut, but Jane saw a streak of tears leak out as Maura shuddered. She didn’t make any noise except for the sound of her heavy exhales.

When she was finished, Maura turned off the vibrator and cast it aside. She lay still for a moment, just breathing, keeping her eyes closed. Jane was speechless, she wordlessly appreciated Maura’s naked beauty, until Maura opened her eyes turned her head to look at Jane and smiled the biggest brightest smile. Jane smiled back and leaned in to kiss her. “That beat the hell out of meditating,” Jane said, laughing softly. Maura laughed and pulled the sheet over them as she snuggled close.

Rizzoli and Isles Femslash "Going Undercover"

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Title: Going Undercover
Author: Exquisitliltart
Fandom: Rizzoli & Isles
Pairing: Jane Rizzoli/Maura Isles
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.
Summary:Maura helps Jane get ready to go undercover, speculative spoilers for 106 “I kissed a Girl”

“What are you listening to in here?” Maura asked as Jane opened the door to let her in. Heavy acoustic guitar melodies were blasting on the stereo.

“It’s Ani Difranco- her early stuff,” Jane offered as she took Maura’s coat and led her to couch. “So I asked you over today to help me get ready to go undercover.”

“What’s the mission? You know I love to help,” Maura rubbed her hands together excitedly, as she settled in on the couch.

Jane went to kitchen to get her a drink, “Well, it’s kinda different from the other ones I’ve done.”

“Last time you were a art gallery owner and that was probably the most fun I’ve had helping you prepare, do you have any books to go over this time,? Maura asked hopefully.

“Um..no, not really- maybe I could rent some movies on pay-per-view or something....” Jane winced nervously as Maura waited expectantly to hear what exciting undercover mission was in store.

“I have to pretend to be gay,” Jane said while rolling her eyes trying to casually play down the news.

“Gay?” Maura puzzled.

“Yeah, like lesbian,” Jane raised her eyebrows at Maura, it wasn’t a hard concept.

“Ok, well you’re about 99% there, I’d say,” Maura said giggling. “I mean, really- Jane- the way you dress, the way you walk, I’m pretty convinced you are gay.”

“Very funny, except I don’t sleep with women,” Jane put her hands on her hips in exasperation.

“Ohhh...” Maura tucked her chin and pulled her legs together, trailing off.

“What?” Jane shrugged.

“Is that why you asked me to help you? To get some...experience?” Maura cocked her head and looked up at Jane.

“No, Maura- Geez-- I wanted you to help me research the culture. Your mind really goes to the gutter,” Jane went over to the stereo and started fiddling with the controls, “do you really think I would be that crass?”

“Well, I would help you, Jane. I mean, I do love to help,” Maura stated brightly.

“You are an odd lady, and anyways forget about it- I wouldn’t even know where to start, and the whole idea is ridiculous, so lets talk about something else,” Jane sat down next to Maura on the couch but maintained a distance just to be sure Maura knew she wasn’t seriously contemplating this crazy idea.

Maura rested her chin in her hand and sized Jane up for a minute while thinking. Then she scooted closer. Jane shifted away and gave her a look, “Maura, I know when you’re thinking and I’m getting worried.”

“Jane, please relax, I’m not going to seduce you or anything, I was just...*thinking* maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to try something. Haven’t you ever thought about it?” Maura teased her and scooted another wee bit closer.

“Thought about what exactly?” Jane stalled, not wanting to assume anything.

Maura kicked Jane’s leg playfully as a red flush flashed across her face, betraying her as she said hedging, “what it would be like...me and you...us...together.”

“No! you have?” Jane was shocked, but intrigued.

“I did go to an all girls French boarding school,” Maura said as if that explained everything.

Jane tried to reach for her drink sitting on the coffee table, but Maura misinterpreted her sudden nervous movement and intercepted Jane by kissing her awkwardly.

Jane pulled back, “really? you said you weren’t going to seduce me!”

“Well, you haven’t been seduced yet” Maura looked down slightly disappointed.

Jane was quiet for a moment too long, and Maura started to worry that she had completely over-stepped a boundary.She wasn’t the best at interpreting social cues, and this whole conversation had gotten way over her head. She just knew she really wanted to kiss Jane, and the certain looks Jane had given her made her think Jane wanted to kiss her too.

Maura strengthened her resolve to try one more time. She looked up and her eyes brightened in surprise when she met Jane’s gaze. Jane was looking at her with complete lust blended with a spattering of fear. Jane’s chest was visibly heaving and Maura didn’t want to leave her hanging for another second.

“Really this time?” Maura asked huskily, discovering her throat was dry. Jane nodded slightly and steadied herself drawing closer to Maura. Maura could hear her own heart beating as she reached out to entangle her fingers in Jane’s hair pulling her in. Softly kissing at first and then more passionate as the heat rose around them. Jane was completely consumed by the feel of kiss and the experience of being so close to Maura. They finally broke apart to breathe, and Maura grinned ear to ear, “Jane, I think you’re going to do just fine on your undercover assignment.”

“Hmm, You know how I like to be thoroughly prepared, and I’m pretty sure I need a lot more practice,” Jane said smiling, as she drew Maura in for another electric kiss. Maura was more than happy to help.

I started watching all the live vids for Goldfrapp's supernature tour and some of the music videos. I noticed she has her dancers dressed up as different animals doing some crazy dances. The choreographer is Alex Reynolds. It definitely reminds me of Kate Bush. I highly recomend doing some you tube searching for Goldfrapp's supernature tour- ride a white horse live she has white horse dancers with disco mirror heads. In Train she has werewolf monsters in bikinis. on Jools Holland for 2005 performing Satin Chic, she has green peacock geisha girl things. In the Train video she has cat like dancers. That's all I've seen so far...oh live Strict Machine from glastonbury has black horse dancers.

Talula R.I.P

Posted on 2008.11.11 at 20:58
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Talula had the odds stacked against her from birth, and she hung on
tight until the end.She'd been somewhat sick for a few days, but it
was typical of her to get diarhea and she was on a low dose of
steroids to boost her system, but Talula started to get severely ill
on Wednesday, and her body wasn't responding to her medication at all.
She went downhill incredibly fast (Fever, diarhea, stopped
drinking/eating, so weak she couldn't stand) I was up with her during
the night, until I decided I had to take her to the doggy emergency.
They put her on an IV to receive fluids and antibiotics as she was
severely dehydrated.

At this point they decided to keep her in ICU and monitor her, and do
bloodwork to see what was going on. I went home and tried to sleep, a
few hours later the vet called back with very bad news.

Unfortunately, she has so many genetic problems...her liver doesn't
produce the right enzymes so she can't get the nutrients out of her
food, there were complicated problems involving the synthesizing of
the proteins in her blood. They discovered her red blood and white
blood cells were completely out of balance- it was just too much for
her little body and despite antibiotics and fluids her fever was at
106. The vet told me point blank that there was no treatment that
would save her, the problems were just too great- and shortly she
would suffocate due to her lungs filling with fluid and die a painful

So the decision was completely clear- I had to put her sleep. .So my
dad, brother and I went to the hospital and got to spend a little
time with her one last time. We told her goodbye and how much we love
her and will miss her.

Needless, to say I'm so sad to lose her- she's been my little shadow
for the entirety of her short 2 1/2 years of life. It's been rough and
she's at peace now. I've been prepared for her death for a long time
because she's had many close calls, and getting to say goodbye and
seeing her go without pain was the best I could have possibly asked
for..There were no "if onlys" or regrets, and no "hard" decisions to
make as there was nothing more I could do for her. It was her time.

I want to thank everyone who has touched my life and cared for her,
especially, the Vicari's,. Bernice, Trisha, Mady, Jeremy, Mom, dad,
Ryan, Matt and Nate, and all my friends. She was a very special dog
and I loved her so much. I will miss her warbles and chirps, her
greeting me at the door, dressing her up in outfits, and her cuddling
with me at night. She was always happy even with her many handicaps,
she never let them bother her.

I decided to have her cremated, and I'll be receiving her ashes in a
week to have a little memorial. I was going to scatter them outside,
but then I remembered that she hated outside, (except to lie in the
sun occasionally) so I think I'm just going to keep them, because she
was the most content and peaceful when she was with me, and I feel the
same for her.

So next time you eat some chicken think of her- she really loved chicken.

Rest in peace Talula,

PS: Never get a pet from Petland, Talula's story unfortunately isn't unique. Many unhealthy pets come from Petland which gets puppies from puppy mills- these people Solely care about profit and cost efficiency, and not about the life or suffering of the animal at all.

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